hotel  mangement system to track competitor



Spend time taking care of your most important asset - your guest, while we automate the process of gathering and analysing competitor data across the major OTA’s at a pace and frequency that makes it impossible for a human to do. Never miss an opportunity - A tiny price change can result in thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

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hotel revenue mangement system to track competitor
Real-time data visualization in property management software

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

With majority of OTA bookings coming in at the last minute, and competition dynamically changing their rates, it is more important than ever to keep a very close watch on what your competitors are doing. Being priced too high could end up in low occupancies and being priced too low could end up in you leaving money on the table.

rateping track your competitor to understand changing fluctuation and track discount rate

Save on Hefty OTA Commissions and Take Back Control of Your Hotel

With OTA’s discounting rates at their free will, they have taken control of your pricing. It is too risky to allow your corporate clients to find lower rates online versus your negotiated rates. Track discounted rates on all channels and save on hefty OTA commissions.

hotel mangement system are user-friendly, export data easily, affordable, and provide insight

The Easiest Product in the Market

A user friendly product so that anyone within your organization can understand the insights. Easily export data into excel spreadsheets to understand where you lie versus your competition. Know well ahead of time when there is high demand in the market so you can maximize on these opportunities.

Effortless property tracking with our hotel management system

Real People, Real Insights

While we love technology, we believe in the importance of real people. You will be assigned an Account Manager – a real person to assist you with any issues you might have. Your account manager will be a trained revenue professional who can analyze your pricing data to help uncover revenue opportunities.